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Google Helps Find Your Stolen Android Device

Earlier this month, Google officially announced it’s plans to put out a device locator feature, similar to Apple’s ‘Find my iPhone” app. The free app is called Android Device Manager, and it’s available now for your mobile device running Android version 2.2 or higher. At the very least, this app will show you just how […]

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Nordstrom Stops Tracking Customers’ Smart Phones

Upscale fashion retailer Nordstrom is discontinuing the collection of information from its customers’ smart phones. We’ve previously reported about the technology being used at a Portland, Oregon store as part of a pilot program in 20 stores nationwide. The system, which had been in place since September of 2012, used an array of sensors placed […]

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Cellphone Tracking Bill Passed by Nevada Senate

The state senate of Nevada has recently approved a cellphone tracking bill that is intended to provide quicker access to the phone’s location in the event of an emergency. The bill, SB268, is designed to give certain protections to cell carriers who provide the location information to authorities during specific circumstances. The bill is now […]

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Is privacy a thing of the past in the digital age?

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